Cast & Crew

Amber Benson


The vampire Founder of Morganville, she’s an ice queen with dangerous secrets.

Robert Picardo


This owner of Morganville’s most popular gathering spot, Common Grounds, is helpful. A little too helpful, perhaps.

Lindsay Seidel


Clever and determined, Claire thinks she’s ready for anything Morganville can throw at her. But is she?

Jordan Farris


A Morganville native who hates everything about vampires. Shane’s ready to take the fight to them … whatever it costs.

Haileigh Todd


Morganville’s only Goth girl doesn’t mind pissing off the vampires … particularly Brandon, who wants her under his thumb.

Ben Easter


A talented musician, Michael wants out of his family’s old home, and Morganville … but you can’t always get what you want. Especially here.

Chase Jeffery


He might be mad. He could be bad. But he’s certainly brilliant … and his secrets could be a reason for Claire to consider staying in Morganville.

Afomia Hailemeskel


Monica’s rich, spoiled, and a daddy’s girl … and her daddy is the mayor of Morganville. So she gets what she wants. Even if she wants you dead.

Gregory Connors


One of the meanest, most dangerous vampires in Morganville, with a taste for vengeance … and power.

Nikki Donley

Hannah Moses

A rare thing in Morganville: an honest cop. She likes to play by the rules … but not the vampires’ rules.

Jessi Mechsler


Monica’s best friend, Gina is fanatically devoted, and probably insane. No one you’d want to mess with … unless you’re Claire.

Taylor Murphy


She makes up the third of the Mean Girls, following Monica’s lead, but her heart may not be in it …

R. Cat Conrad

The Vampire Enforcer

Amelie’s muscle, and a vampire to watch … if you can see him coming. Which you can’t.

Turner House Dallas

The Glass House

Beautiful and scary, this house could be Claire’s refuge, and the residents her only friends and allies. But like Morganville, the Glass House has secrets of its’ own.

The Turner House is one of the oldest surviving houses in Dallas.




Executive Producers

Rachel Caine/Pen Ultimate Productions

Felicia Day/Geek & Sundry

Sheri Bryant/Geek & Sundry



Blake Calhoun/Loud Pictures

Ryan Copple/Geek & Sundry



Joey Stewart


Line Producer/UPM

Adam Donaghey



Blake Calhoun


Director of Photography

Alan Lefebvre



Blake Calhoun


Production Designer

Tom Walker


Costume Design

Jamie Puente


Make-up Supervisors

Cheryll Smith

Hannah Handshy